Home System Reset

Home System Reset

Home Fish House tote reset. Full size totes and level filter system. Total Cost is about $500.00 for totes, barrels, plumbing, pumps, heater, etc.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


What do you think?


  1. Nice job on your rebuild. I was curious how you kept you fingerlings from getting out of the tank through the bottom drains. Now I see. Pretty slick! I wish I had seen this video last week and I would not have changed my plan to use the bottom drains in my rebuild. Too late for now. I have already installed the 3" SLO drains, but I may change them back to the bottom like you have. Thanks.

  2. dear sir, i am from Mauritius island
    i really appreciate your videos, i want to to start my aquaculture with two ibc totes
    only thing i dont understand is how to run my pump, either for 24 hours or?
    just let me know, thank you

  3. Hi, I saw the video & I want to set this type of RAS fish project. Are you helping me to set this type of project? I don’t understand how it set. Which pipe drill which drums? How it filters west & purifies water to send main fish tank. How many litters water each fish tank & how much fish in each tank. If you don’t mind then descried & project map please (how it install).

  4. I had asked yesterday night if all of the tanks are connected how do you regulate all of the tanks so that each tank stays at the specific temperature that it needs to? You had replied and told me to see this video but I am still not sure how you were able to make sure that they are a) all at the correct temperature and b) how you have a connected system but not all the same temperature or is it?

  5. Hello.

    What solution did you have for capturing the rocketing fish?

    How do you transfer the smaller fish – fry – into the larger totes?

    What do you use third empty tote for?



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