Hatchery Report 6/24/18

Hatchery Report 6/24/18

How-to videos on breeding, caring for, and creating a market for Blue Tilapia. All done on a small scale and a small budget. A way to provide protein for you and your family in any kind of emergency.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Hey Greg, great video as always!! Man, I have learned so much from your videos. I'm setting up my Aquaponics system. I bought a Hornorum/Mosambica breeder colony because I only wanted males in the main system. I remember you had bought one also, how did they do? My smallest 2 started producing after 2-3 weeks!!. These 2 did die, I think I had a Nitrate spike from letting my SunSun 704B go too long. The other 3 are doing fine. Let me know, thanks, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Greg I'm new to this I took a course in Trinidad and the cost was just something to write down our names basically and the government made money off of it I have a lot of questions to ask you cuz I'm going to try to do upon that can hold about 3,000 fish but I want to get into the breeding of it so it's a couple things I might want to pick your brain is it a way that I can get a number for you or do you have on WhatsApp

  3. Also I would like to share my 1st success in tilapia breeding.
    Today one female released her babes, i have separated her from the main tank before 9 days
    Today i am happy and hope the babes will not die
    My question is: when should i start feeding the babes? And what s the best feed for them in the beginning?

    sorry that my English language not strong

  4. I know a tilapia can have thousands of eggs inside at once, but they only laid the amount she can hold in her mouth. How long is the tilapia mating season. If you can help me I will be very happy.
    Thank you


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