Hatchery Management – Why Females swallow their Eggs…

Hatchery Management - Why Females swallow their Eggs...

How-to videos on breeding, caring for, and creating a market for Blue Tilapia. All done on a small scale and a small budget. A way to provide protein for you and your family in any kind of emergency.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. On your past videos, the eggs looked orange-ish. Mine looks more like gray, not quite white. Does that meant it's unfertilized? I took it out after the first day, because the  female would eat it on the third day. I am hoping for a first successful batch after 3 months.

  2. Hi Greg, excellent video, it has been difficult for me to find this kind of information, I bought some kits of tilapia from TIL-GEN Costa Rica, two grey kits and two red kits, each kit has a super male, after 5 months, I had saw some females with eggs and after 3 o 4 days they swallowed their eggs, now I know the possible reasons.

    I heard in your video that your PH level is 8, I have 6.8-7.6, do you think I need to increase the PH level?

    my temperature level is 28-30 grades centigrade , what do you think?

    Also I noticed that my males are so aggressive , fortunately I have PVC condo in the tanks,

    Sorry if I ask to much 🙂

    Last question, do you know if there is any difference between red tilapia and grey tilapia?

    Because my grey tilapias weights near of 400 grams and with difficulty red tilapias reach the 200 grams. why red tilapias grow up more slowly?

    I could contact COBALT international on line, now I have ordered the egg rocker, thanks.


  3. Thanks Greg¡¡¡, Last week I decreased the Zeolita in my sump to try increase the PH.
    I bought my tilapias kits to this company, those are Nilotic.
    Because I am starting I decided to get 2 kits of red tilapia and two kits of grey tilapia, I noticed that grey tilapia  grow up faster, I don't know why red tilapias grows up more slowly.
    How many salt quantity do you use in your tanks ?
    It has been difficult to me to identify the females, I just have identified 3 grey females and two red females and that's why I saw them carrying  eggs, but unfortunately they had swallowed them after some days, I just have one female with eggs, I hope they  born soon.

  4. Hey Greg, Do you have a Video where you explain how to identify females and males tilapia?

    It would be great, It has been difficult for me to identify each one, the females that I had identified,  was why I saw them with eggs in mouth.


  5. Hey Greg, Im starting to make videos on here as well can you check out my acclimating fingerlings video maybe see if I forgot to include any pertinent info… thanks Greg
    watch?v=Mp-i2DTHF3o video is there if you get a chance

  6. I have a water softener hooked up to my water lines which i used to fill up my fish tanks.
    How would be the best and safest way to raise the hardness of my water since i already have a breeding pair of HGT in it?
    Is to soft not good for breeding?

  7. Hi Greg. Is that 8 days from the day the mother keeps the eggs in the mouth, or 8 days since fries can be noticed? I have a mother keeping eggs in the mouth for 10 days already. I forced her to open her mouth just now, and eggs spilled out, no fries! What is wrong with her? Help, please.


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