Hatchery – February 27, 2018

Hatchery - February 27, 2018

How-to videos on breeding, caring for, and creating a market for Blue Tilapia. All done on a small scale and a small budget. A way to provide protein for you and your family in any kind of emergency.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Goodmorning from Brazil, could you tell me what's the best size for a breeding aquarium I would like to have one male and 3 females. Because everything very expensive here I planned to make it myself! Have a nice day Jean-Pierre

  2. Waiting on fish supplies to arrive in the mail. I ordered 25 blue tilapia fry and keeping them in a acrylic 55 gallon tank. When they get bigger would they be ok in a 300 gallon premade tank or do I need more then 300??


Shopping for aquarium fish

Shopping for aquarium fish

Greenhouse Giveaway:  Part 2 - Bits and Pieces

Greenhouse Giveaway: Part 2 – Bits and Pieces