First Breeding Colony

First Breeding Colony

Video – 1 My current Breeding Colony. Take a look and subscribe for weekly updates about Breeding Tilapia.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. If you want to slow the breeding down for a while, just set the water temp a little lower. They should stop until you put it back up. At least, that is what I have come to understand.

  2. any rookies to the talapia game greg has lot of know how and listen to him hes a straight shooter !!!  thanks for ur help greg !!!!

  3. I'm new to this and I want to succeed at it. So my set up is a 75 gallon breeder tank with a 55 gallon sump tank set up. Water is crystal clear. I keep my water temp at 70 degrees. Sounds like i need to increase my temp. Any help would be awesome. I live in Columbus, Ohio.

  4. Would love some advice on our lack of breeding issue. Do you recommend a certain ratio of males to female for optimal breeding? We've tried a single male to 3 females but found the male extremely aggressive. We tried increasing our numbers but still found the male extremely aggressive.
    Do you do anything specific for habitat within the breeding tank? Hideaways for the ladies to get away from the male etc?

    Appreciate your videos!

  5. Hi Greg, Michael here from sunny Tampa, Florida got a ? 4 u I'm looking in to 2 purchasing 3 young female Tilapia, do u engaged in such small of purchases as this? (Please say yes) (GOD/JESUS) bless. PS what I'm doing is the (LORDS WORK) FEEDING THE HUNGRY.

  6. I like your content very much. I currently have 10 nile/white tilapia for an aquaponics system I'm trying to build. They had babies unexpectedly and I lost them all. I'm going to put some PVC pipes separating a portion of the tank so the fry have a place to run to, and I'm going to buy some algae wafers like you suggested. I hope the PVC pipe will work!


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