Final Results of Egg Tumbler…

Final Results of Egg Tumbler...

How-to videos on breeding, caring for, and creating a market for Blue Tilapia. All done on a small scale and a small budget. A way to provide protein for you and your family in any kind of emergency.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. Greg, I have found out that only one of my 6 Tilapia is a female. She has bred 3 times already since early October and the first 2 times, I removed her from Gen. Pop. as soon as I noticed she was carrying eggs in her mouth. Both times, she spit a large % of the eggs into the net or onto the bottom of the nursery tank, and never picked up the majority of those eggs. I want to do it differently this time, so I don't lose so many. How do you recommend getting her out of the populated tank and into the nursery tank?

  2. Excellent Work!
    I have about 28 Blue young breeders (6" or so) in a large 210 Gallon Tank.
    They are producing 1000+ eggs a month.
    I have 3 large 12" mouth flower pots in the tank.  No hiding places other than those.
    I did have 6 males or so, digging and giving chase to the females, so I took 2 of those out.  Still have 4 Males in there that are actively looking to spawn.
    Strange thing is, some females eggs aren't fertilized at all.  They all go bad in the tumbler.
    What's wrong with my setup?  Too crowded?  No Privacy to pull off a high number of successful spawns?
       I have another 75 gallon tank that I've been working on getting set up.  Then split the crowd, OR at least take out the ones that aren't contributing to reproduction.

       They WILL eat the babies if I leave in them in the large tank, won't they?

  3. I have a question about the fry.  As the fry grow, they don't all grow at the same rate.  You have some Jumbo guys that seem to grow faster than the rest.  Have you ever noticed the larges ones eating the smaller ones?  Is there a Remedy to this, just short of sorting and separating them?

  4. When your water temp is 78 to 80 degrees, How often are you required to do water changes?  I'm changing quite often if I feed them like they want to be fed.  I'm seeing some really fast growth though.  🙂  One of my breeders, is growing like a weed. He appears to be Male, but never has went into spawn mode. More concerned with eating seems like. LOL

  5. I got my 75 Gallon Tank set up much like your 55 Gallon Breeder setup. Built them a 5 Pipe condo from thin wall 4" pvc. I added 2 sponge filters. One is a wall hanger type and the other is a large round breeder type sponge filter.  Added a single 12" clay pot facing one end of the tank. (privacy).  I stripped the eggs/fry from 6 females and added them to the tank.  Then I added my favorite Male to the group. I should know within a month or 6 weeks how the fertility issue works out.  This will be much easier to count the 8 days to let the females hold the fry also. 🙂  All looks good so far.


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