Breeding Tank Setup

Breeding Tank Setup

Instructions on setting up your breeder tank.


Mineral Springs Tilapia


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  1. I set up the tank close to what you did and my male decided not to use the clay pot but one of the lower PVC pipes. Now the females have nowhere to hide as he chases them away from the PVC pipes. What can I do? or will he still mate?

  2. hi
    do they breed when they r in different tank growing up together than breeding tank? i see uve few hundreds in different tank. do they breed there too? how to control it? i like to have just one breeding tank and one breeding colony so i can have just one source of frys.. any advice?

  3. Hi thanks for the instructional video. I have a 15 Gallon tank. Is it Ok to use this tank for breeding with say 1 male & 2 female tilapias. Also, I recently caught some wild tilapias and put them in the tank the male always chases females and killed 2 of those. what shall I do? thanks.

  4. My husband and I are starting an aquaponic farm, raising tilapia and growing veg in the waste water. We'll be taking a closer look at your set up. Always open to learning more as we go. Sexing the fish was a great bit of information. Males have 1 vent hole, while the females have 2. Our fish are young, so it's a work in progress.

  5. Very educative. I bought about 34 three weeks old Tilapia fingerlings last June, 2016. It's meant to by now produce but each time I check, I keep seeing the gravel the male digs up. What can be done to get them to mate? Thanks.

  6. Are the small stones needed at the bottom of the tank ? I have some larger lava rock and they seem to be moving the rocks around….but they are also sitting in the tubes a lot more lately.

  7. my fish scales have all changed colour to a silvery, I do have a fish that guards the pot and chances everyone else away….its been a week and everyone eats but nothing else in the mouth yet!!!

  8. Hi, Thanks for the easy to follow instruction. Can you tell me the brand name of the air pump. Do you use the same pump for other systems? Thanks!

  9. sir !! i upload yesterday my fry tilapia sir..

    just go to jimboy colandog and search..

    it breed my 10 inch 5 deep male and 6 inch lond and 2 1/2 deep female those are there babies sir
    😀 ..

  10. I just set up a breeding tank and my male fish seems to be overly aggressive; 1:4 ratio and despite having hiding places the females don’t hide. 2 of them hang out by the surface and seem to avoid the male but the other two seem to get chased around the tank to exhaustion. Is this normal? Or do you have Any suggestions?

  11. I appreciate the video. I'm roughly 3 months into my aquaculture venture with Tilapia after switching to stand-alone hydroponics instead of aquaponics with bluegills. The breeding tank setup explanation was helpful (particularly the bit about no current near the "nest"). I got into this the same as you (as a hobby on a student budget) and am quickly learning how fast it can escalate. I'm up to four tanks and already know I'll need more soon; Looking into IBC bins & 55-gallon drums but it's definitely worthwhile to be able to watch the process at first via an aquarium.

    I read your website and it appears we share a passion for aquaculture and educating others – good man!

    Anyway, I appreciate the videos and I wish you and your aquatic pals the best!

    I wish I had family members that took an interest, they think I'm crazy for running indoor gardens and trying to live sustainably! I think they are crazy for ordering junk food 5 nights a week 😛

  12. I went ahead and returned my water conditioners (did not perform as advertised, cost me a lot of time, water swaps, water tests, etc.) and in the process was able to suggest to the Amazon staff to support AquaLife Complete which I found on your website. Helping hands help helping hands!

    The best part is they credited me 10$ for all the hassle, so I was able to order the product immediately without hurting my checking account. Natural Rapport brand is good for treating city water but I find it stalls the nitrogen cycle after vigorous testing. (I am a STEM undergraduate headed for a Ph.D. in Biology and M.S. in Engineering)

    You've also helped serve as a motivator for my disabled step-father to get into the hobby with me. Coming from a military family hearing it from a veteran really appealed to him.

    Thank you!


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