Breeder Update

Breeder Update

Video 7 – A short video on the Status of the Female Breeders


Mineral Springs Tilapia


What do you think?


  1. Right now I am having a sale on the fingerlings, I have about 1200 that start at .50 cents a piece. In the last 4 days I have harvested over 3500 fry from 4 females. I have quarantined the male for the year. All of these fish are available too, it is just a little more difficult to raise fry. The are more sensitive to water conditions. But, I would sell fry also for local pickup only.

  2. Were do you learn to breed Tilapia? It's it a try as you go sort of thing, or do you guys rely on cichlid breeding books? Any info would be helpful, thanks.

  3. Hi greg, i just got done watching im pretty sure everyone of your videos some of them twice lol.Man I gotta say your setup in the beginning was nice but after you got the hatchery and everything done man what a setup.I love it im just getting started in the tilapia just ordered my first colony 6 blues and 2 hawaiian golds unfortunately i ordered them before watching your videos and finding your website. Ive got to start small considering i only have my house to start with lol.but eventually i would love to have a setup like yours with a awesome breeding program.i would like to get to where i can sell my fingerlings online and maybe even get to where i can sell large food grade fish to local restaurants we will just have to see how it works out here in wyoming.Im gonna try and get a channel going soon once i do i'll leave the name in the comments so you can check it out if you like. i subscribed to your channel and look forward to more videos and updates.

  4. Hi Greg I had a question I took my male fish out the tank because he was beating up my females. My biggest female turn the same color as my male black with red fins and now it's beating up on my other females what should I do.


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Hydroponic Dutch Buckets:  FAWN Style

Hydroponic Dutch Buckets: FAWN Style