Welcome to high tech gardener

Welcome to high tech gardener

What high tech gardener is all about.
We will take your garden into the future.
Learn to build your own true high-pressure aeroponics system and save money.


High Tech Gardener


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  1. Oh Captain! My Captain! Continue this mission and continue to share with us the Captains log. We will explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and boldly go were no man has gone before. This information is well presented and greatly appreciated.

  2. I like your logical based approach, which you back up with the evidence to support your hypothesizes. By presenting the influences of the factors involved in the complete system, you increase the efficiency, while lowering the maintenance involved in keeping a system running. Keep the videos coming! Live long and prosper.

  3. this is absolutely amazing they replied to my comment in minutes and after a better look i found the video i was looking for…Aeroponics DIY is the most essential knowledge you can find on Aeroponics i'm studying marijuana growery at a university level to become an AGS (artificial Growth Systems) Specialist for those who need help setting up their own personal marijuana grow ops. This information is killer quality i was distraught by the mishap because i'm that kinda nerd about my pot but all is well I'm BACK and I'M DIVING IN

  4. Hi Lee: I am ready to put together my first True Aeroponic system base on your video. Is there a video showing us your True Aeroponic system.? I think it will help me tremendously once I see how it is put together in your set up. that right size of the metal shelf, etc… In other words, I like to see a tour of your set up. Please answer because I am ready to shop around for parts and start building the system. Thank you.

  5. Everything sounds easy I want to try making a system but CE does not have a 2 gallon pressure tank. The aquatec pump has poor reviews with a 3.0 rating and breaks easily. I can't find a website or customer service number for either company

  6. very exciting. Seems to be the way to go and great to have someone that really knows what they're talking about. I'm still trying to find a video you've done that shows an actual functional system. But, I will keep looking!

  7. I don't know if I've ever found a more accurate channel to what I've been looking for. This is all fascinating to me and I'm beyond excited to get started!

  8. The only thing thats aeroponics is useful for is getting fast and successful strike rates on cuttings to multiply plants. I would not use it for growing edible plants as the plants are rather plastic with no microorganisms on the leaves for health and healthy gut microbiome.




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