Vertical Garden for Professional and Commercial Aeroponics Growers – Part 2

Vertical Garden for Professional and Commercial Aeroponics Growers - Part 2

Vertical Aeroponics Systems – Vertical Farming – allow you to use space and energy more efficiently. However, if it’s not done right, you’ll have problems that could kill your crop.
In this video series, we’ll identify the problems and how to avoid them using a professional vertical delivery system design.

Vertical Garden Systems:
Tower Garden
Wall Garden
Vertical Drum – Insulated and Uninsulated
Horizontal Planes
Stacked System
Vertical Aeroponics

Stacked System Steps
1. Plant seed in the system
2. Let grow and harvest.

Vertical Tower or Wall Systems Steps:
1. Set seeds in rock-wool.
2. Place rock-wool in a germination unit.
3. Transplant seedling into a tower or wall garden.
4. Let grow and harvest.

This is Part Two.

Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:


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  1. Where do you position the nozzles in the grow chamber? If directly at the bottom, won’t the roots eventually block the nozzles and misting?

  2. Do you plan on making a true unit? I understand pictures and all but most viewers are looking for real tutorials. I will keep watching and hopefully one of these days you give us a shopping list and we build along with you.

  3. Thank You for your videos. You have a wealth of very helpful info. Sadly though, your delivery & presentation has much to be desired.
    I have a post-baccalaureate level education & am in my 60's yet I still dozed off multiple times during 2 of 2 videos I just saw from you.
    Plse. consider taking the camera completely away from you and for Gods sake, stop reading to use! Plse. just talk to us instead while you walk around showing us (or build, or present a real system at the very least).
    Thank you for listening & plse. don't stop sharing your knowledge & expertise.

  4. Are you considering doing a video discussing the droplet spray velocity or Misting Cycle? As everyone has said your videos give awesome detailed information that helps in understanding how the system actually works.

  5. I have 2 questions I own a tower garden. I purchased new nutrients. Grow and bloom. I am using 200 ml of solution in a 20 gallon tank. Running in intervals of 15 min on and off. I’ve been having issues with the growth they are dying. Is this due to over fertilization of nutrients? I am looking at you system and I am wondering what happens when the tomatoes, basil and peppers start growing like a weed. How do you set it up from the first second and third stage. Or do they have their own system like tomatoes and peppers. Basil separate with other herbs. I have had awesome results in the past using their nutrients I decided to go with a different food.

  6. Thank you for the tutorial greatly apricated. Anyway, I have a few questions how far should the nozzles be spaced apart per growing chamber. The reason I am asking is I have very long table 10 L/F I was thinking of spacing 2 to 3 growing chambers across the table. in addition, what would be the max spray nozzles per line? should I put a pressure gauge at the end of the series to verify 80 to 100 psi. Using this method would also make lighting much easier and ideas on economical light fixtures for indoor growing in have the perfect room. I find your expertise and content addicting I have to stop for now im about 7 videos in at one secession, nice work thank you.

  7. Do you need a timer for each solenoid? How do you activate them one after another like that. Sorry no prior knowledge with this kinda stuff.

  8. You mentioned in aeroponic you can grow a plant from seed. How would you hold the seed? I am assuming a holes in a normal basket is too large for seeds like lettuce. I would appreciate your help on this.

  9. Are solonoids and pressure tanks required if you are doing a smaller setup with just a pump and and an on / off timer and pressure switch? Or is this for larger systems where a tank needs to hold a higher pressure?


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