Vertical Farming Aeroponics

Vertical Farming Aeroponics

Name : Qolbyka Marlova Sukmana
Nim : 2005020007
prodi : Agrotechnology

Aeroponics is an airborne farming system without the use of soil. Aeroponics can be performed by anyone from farmers to students. We can aeroponics in our backyard because we generally use the media of styrofoam and leave the roots of the plants in the air. It could have been a greenhouse. Aeroponics’ work system is a nutrient sprayed on the roots of the plant, water containing brine is shot into the fog until it reaches the plant’s roots. Dangling roots of a plant will soak up the nutrients. Water and nutrients are sprayed using sprinkler irrigation.The cultivation of the plant aeroponic technique is higher than any other cultivated technique. In the aeroponic system, nutrients are sprayed in the form of oxygen-rich fog. That way the plants will become more nutritious.


Qolbyka Marlova Sukmana


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