Tower Garden Farm in LA?

Tower Garden Farm in LA?

Tower Garden – My visit to a farm in the middle of the city in Los Angeles.
Tour the Urban farm behind a hotel that uses fresh produce in its restaurant.
Learn how they start seedlings that grow in the Tower Garden.
Tower Garden, is a vertical, aeroponic growing system, allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or outdoors.


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  1. The Tower Garden product is always described as an aeroponic method but I really don't see how that is the case, it's a vertical hydroponic method in my view given the way I understand the differences between the two. There is no misting. The roots are washed with gravity fed water, they are not sprayed with utlra fine droplets. Honestly every time I hear Tower Garden described as aeroponic, I thought of you and I imagined that if you ever reviewed this method you would clear the air and accurately define the Tower Garden as hydroponic, given your vast and respectable knowledge of the subject. Am I wrong with this view? Could you please describe to me how the Tower Garden can be considered aeroponic, and not hydroponic?

  2. I am having trouble figuring out how to wire the solenoid to a timer as precise as the one needed. Or how to convert a 24v dc solenoid to fit a wall outlet. I need help.🙏

  3. Why are systems like the Tower Garden so expensive when it is a plastic cylinder with holes and a pump, pressure system, etc? What is it costing you listeners to set your own system up? And there is an open market for those of you who can do it more reasonably.

  4. Can someone please tell me why are "replies" to the comments hidden. I like to know the answers to some of the comments but when I clicked on "view reply from High Tech Gardener", "Hide reply" pop up 🙁 Thanks.


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