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Welcome to the world of growing food using technology. We at Pennysworth Techno Farms Pvt. Ltd. a proud Indian company,manufacture and sell the ‘Suregrow’ brand of hi-tech farms. We are committed to applying technology in harmony with nature. All our technology recreate the natural process of growing plants while optimizing the ideal conditions for plant growth. We grow plants in multiple decks one above the other and Tower Type to achieving high density planting and in turn very hi-yield with respect to area. We use soil less techniques to achieve greater control over plant growth and the cream of it all is our Agri computer which precision manages the growth process. Together let us create a world where food is in plenty and is grown anywhere, everywhere and by everybody. We are a drop in the ‘Make in India’ rain that is in the happening. Jai Hind.

We are also Making Fully Automated Poly houses Like Automated Climate control, Automated Drip Irrigation System, Automated Fertigation System, Automated Pest Management System etc., These systems can be also be implemented in currently running manual poly houses.


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