How to Build Aeroponic Fogger Cloner for Plant Cuttings and Fogponics DIY Cloning plants

How to Build Aeroponic Fogger Cloner for Plant Cuttings & Fogponics DIY Cloning plants

Thank you for watching this video on how to build an aeroponic fog cloner machine/system to root and grow plant cuttings. This video is a quick tutorial on how I put together a 35 grow site aeroponic fogger cloning machine that you can use to make identical clones from plant cuttings. This unit could also be used as an aeroponic growth chamber for small plants until ready for transplant. Below is a list of most, if not all, of the parts and tools used in this build. Most parts used where bought from and a link to those items can be found below.

Many items where purchased in larger packs than I needed for this build in order to get cheaper per piece bulk price. Allowing me to have parts for a second build or as replacements.

If you’d rather skip the work and buy a pre made machine
here is a 36 site cloning unit for about $70 🙂


27 Gallon Tote: Menards – $10 (best option)
Tote (vary’s slightly):
Neoprene Collars:
2” Net Pots:
LED shop lights:
Foam Tape:
Mist Maker Float:
Ultrasonic Fogger:

Cordless Drill:
2 1/8” Hole Saw:
Pruning Shears:

Rooting Gel:
Clear Rez:
PH up/down:

Thanks again for watching!

My Aeroponic Cloner Build video can be found here:


Barns Farm & Garden


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Written by Aleksandar

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