Fogponics DWC like a BOSS! Indoor cucumber grow video, START TO FINISH!

Fogponics DWC like a BOSS! Indoor cucumber grow video, START TO FINISH!

hello guys! this was my first try at hydroponics . I came up with my own design for the fog setup and it really worked out well. i ended up with way more cucumbers then my family could eat. The fog setup was a little more trouble than it was worth but it was fun to do as a winter project . The DWC plant preformed just as well as the fog plant and was much much simpler . I would have to say that i did get more enjoyment watching the fog plant grow out its roots in mid air using the viewing window. I cut the grow kinda short to make room for starting my spring seeds.

Thanks for watching guys!


Caton Domke


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Great little video. I just started to get into the growing style of fogponics. Was going to run a rdwc on the bottom using 1/2 line and a submersible pump in the reservoir. And also run the fog set up with the 1" hose, or pvc. So I would have a fail safe if one style was to have troubles.
    Thank you for the video and some ideas on how I want to set up things

  2. I finally have a video that touches on what I wanted to know about a fog system.

    I've just built my first fog system. It's got a float switch inside the growing chamber- there's a constant 3 1/2" of water. It's also has a 5 gallon reservoir that allows me to check ph and ppm.
    I guess this makes it a hybrid system.

    I realize my system isn't a true fogponic system, but I was wondering what issues you ran into most. So I may be on the look out for them.

  3. Did you notice any issues with the pH of the fog itself? Or even the water after the diffuser is on? Mine would go from 5.90 to 16+ anytime I measured the fog or turned it on. also what nutes aren't being carried in the fog? Should I maybe try a drip line to combat the issue of lost nutes?

  4. Which technique grows faster fogponics or DWC at the end of the experiment?
    Do the growth rate of them are different significantly?
    What is the temperature in your closet?

  5. Definitely Inspired! Fully understand that it is optional but how did you fix your window in the upper bucket on the root chamber? Presumably the water level was below this but was just wondering what you used to ensure that it was sealed in tightly?? Great job!!

  6. I admit I was for the DWC over the fog/dwc (2 gal. of solution in the bottom).  If the water is cold it holds more oxygen. That and a two bucket DWC allows for ebb & flow – and yet more oxygen. I use a 3 1/2 gallon bucket with many small holes drilled in it then filled with grow medium.  It goes in a 5 gallon bucket which holds the liquid.  An air pump drives an air/water pump which brings solution to the surface of the top bucket.  Actually simpler than it sounds and runs on a fish pump. Works great.

  7. Superb video. Very informative, and with good bits of humor here and there. And the biggest credit goes to the music. Pumped me up to get the fogponics system in my house up and running.

  8. So many golden nuggets from this vid, laughed out loud on several occasions 😀 Loving it! Very informative, thank you for documenting the whole thing.
    Using the fog seems to be the most elegant solution out of all hydro/aero methods, as long as it's setup properly, which can be tricky.
    QUESTION: As per your observations, do you think the fog approach is not suitable for the whole life cycle of the plant because of the massive surface area of the roots, requiring a lot of energy from the plant to manage it? Or would that only be a problem for the bigger, fruit-bearing plants?


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