DIY Aeroponics System

DIY Aeroponics System

Bringing in this video from my other channel to focus this on peppers. This is my Aeroponics That I made (1 of 2). Aeroponics systems like this can be used to develop seedlings for planting, creating clones, or simply growing out a specific plant you want indoors. Choose the net pot you prefer, although I will note that you can grow a full sized plant with a simple 3″ net pot. Also, I used 1″ net pots for my cloning Aeroponics system. The basic pond pumps I used, only cost $20 each, then I bought the 10″ universal adapter from Home Depot, and cut it down to the size I wanted.
Make sure you do buy “food grade” buckets for this, to ensure no transfer of anything.
* Note-Make sure you check your solution regularly, to ensure you don’t run the pump dry and burn it up!


Papa Bear’s Pepper channel


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