DIY Aeroponics Hydroponics System

DIY Aeroponics Hydroponics System

This is a low pressure Aeroponics Hydroponics system I built myself. This DIY project is very simple to build and only took about an hour or two to put together.

The seedlings are grown in rockwool cubes

Nutrient solution is Masterblend and the best way to mix these nutrients is grams per gallon, this is the gram scale I use

The lights I’m using are T5 fluorescents I purchased on Amazon

The bulbs I’m using are a combination (50/50) of the 6500k bulbs that came with the above light fixtures and these 3000k bulbs

The grow tent can be seen here

The pump used in my setup is no longer produced, I’ve had it a while. Here is the equivalent (800gph)

This is the interval timer I use to control the pump

The spray nozzles can be found on Amazon as well

These are the bulkhead fittings I used to connect both bins with my common sump

Hope this help. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section!


Peace, Love, Garden


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Written by Aleksandar

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