Best High-Pressure Aeroponics Tubing to use

Best High-Pressure Aeroponics Tubing to use

If you don’t know fluid mechanics or flow dynamics, you could choose the wrong tubing for your high-pressure aeroponics system. I’ll tell you what tubing to use and why you should use it.
We’ll cover Bernoulli’s Theory and touch on flow dynamics.
Now you have the knowledge to use the right tubing for your aeroponics system.

Tubing size and selection:
Smaller might be better since they hold their shape better
Pressure rating varies with temperature changes
Better bending
Higher velocity is better than volume, to transport solids away
As the temperature rises the pressure tolerance drops. Tube deformity increases with
warmer temperatures that lead to leaks.

Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:


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  1. Height is going to have an insignificant effect for these systems – it would take roughly 27 inches in height to change the pressure by 1 psi. So to get a 10 psi pressure drop, you'd be talking about over 20 ft of height difference within your system! The diameter of the tube does not affect this at all. The biggest difference between different tubing diameters is going to be the friction losses which reduce pressure, which is VERY sensitive to changes in diameter. There are online calculators to make this easy, like this one:

    So let's say we've got 0.2 gal/min and 20 feet of plastic tubing. For a 0.125" ID (1/4 tube) we're looking at 10-15 psi pressure drop. For a 0.25" ID (3/8 tube), we're going to lose only 0.5 psi. As you can see, the small difference in diameter makes a HUGE difference in pressure drop. However, as you said, this can be compensated by the pump, and the smaller tubing and fittings are cheaper. As long as your tubing is within its pressure rating, I don't think the larger tubes would fail more quickly. Get tubing that is rated comfortably above intended pressure.

    Also remember that each fitting and T and elbow is going to cause some pressure loss. And you should note that the total length assumes everything is connected in series. You can also factor in the branching of your tubes and how everything is connected together.

    I love your channel – I'm learning a ton.

  2. Dear Sir, one question please:
    from minute 26:36 you bring into discussion a large room with >100 feet tubing. I think you say that even in such case, "there is another solution, that's even better, and you still can use a 1/4 inch tubing".
    Can you please tell a little about which other solution you mean?
    Many thanks and thank you so much also from my side for your great informative lectures here!


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