Aeroponics Systems Professional Online Calculator Update One
What’s new with the Aeroponics Calculator?
I’ll share the new Misting System and Delivery System tabs.

Videos to watch:

Let’s review the systems used in high-pressure aeroponics.
1. Misting System – includes the nozzles/flow-rate, and misting interval.
Learn flow-rates: Accumulative Flow-rates. Hour and Day. to determine nutrient usage, tube sizing, nutrient residence time – how long to get from point A to B.

2. Delivery System – includes the tubing length and size. The number of fittings like elbows, tees, and valves. The inputs would be length, height, inside diameter, sometimes material type. We can determine the pump needed or losses due to the delivery system. The flow rate plays a vital role in this.

3. Charging System – includes the pressure pump and the pressure tank.
Flow range of pump flow rate (GPM), power usage in watts (current or amps), the discharge pressure of the pump. Running duty cycle continuous or periodic run time. Pump demands are depended on the Misting and Delivery Systems.

The new Aeroponics Calculator will make you a professional designer helping you choose the number of nozzles, the tubing size, and length, the right pump, provide the power usage, backup power requirements for each duration, runtime or duty cycle configurations.

Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:


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  1. I know that it would increase the complexity of your calculator, but do you plan on adding the ability to stagger the solenoid timing so that you could potentially have a system with 50 nozzles and 10 solenoids and only have 5 nozzles trigger at a time? It doesn't seem realistic to have all 50 nozzles trigger at once. And you should have plenty of time between misting intervals to rebuild pressure in the tank.

    Thanks for all of the work that you have put into the calculator so far, it's looking great!

  2. Is it practical or more efficient to have the pressure tank at a "negative" distance? I.e. the tank is above your grow chambers
    Great work with your calculator. I can't wait to use it and take my garden into the future!

  3. Can you give me any info on different types of pumps? I am trying to understand this HPA and how to scale it, and I am looking at every different type of pump right now. Not different brand, but different type, like rotary vs diaphragm

  4. Hello high tech gardener,
    Tanks for all this information, that's great, but I have some questions:
    For the first part of the video around 16min, what pressure loss coefficients do you use for Tee fittings and 90° fittings?
    Also, what is the flow speed at this moment in your tubings?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Very interesting and good work. If I could make a suggestion for the international market. Most of the world outside the USA is metric. It would be great if you could select to do the calculations in either the English system or the international metric system. Thank you for the attention to detail and keep up the good work.

  6. Hi there, I am busy with a masters research project to improve food security in early childhood development centers across sub-Saharan Africa. Where could I get access to the aeroponics calculator? I would also greatly appreciate discussing my project further if you have the time!

  7. Hey man, you’re doing a great job! Congratulations! A tip to make yout project more international could be to be able to convert gallons into liters.. I look forward to the next updates.

  8. Hi iv watched all your videos. Giving me the information iv needed so thank you. I enjoy watching them. I’m wandering how close ther Aeroponic calculator is from being released? Cheers

  9. Hi Lee,

    thanks a lot for your report.

    Also thanks a lot for sharing your outstanding knowledge about high pressure aeroponics systems.

    I am glued to your YouTube videos and spellbound watching them from Germany.

    I recently got fascinated by the idea of growing own vegetables 100% organic in a sustainable way by indoor vertical farming at home (the Corona-Virus „break“ inspired me to think about how we could change our modern life towards a more environmental friendly and healthy lifestyle).

    Still a lot to learn about aeroponics but once I feel fit enough I will definitely start building my first aeroponics system. Thanks to people like you this will be possible for „all“ of us. You are very inspiring.

    Take care and stay safe and healthy. Looking forward to your aeroponics systems calculator.


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