Aeroponics Systems Design Like A Professional Part 1

Aeroponics Systems Design Like A Professional Part 1

You want to learn how to design an Aeroponics System like a professional. However, you have questions about high-pressure aeroponics and don’t really know where to start.
You Ask:
How many nozzles?
What pump to use?
Will you help me with my design?
I don’t know where to start.

Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:

Aeroponics Systems Design Part Two:

Let’s talk about the systems used in high-pressure aeroponics.
1. Misting System – includes the nozzles/flow-rate, and misting interval.
Learn flow-rates: Accumulative Flow-rates. Hour and Day. to determine nutrient usage, tube sizing, nutrient residence time – how long to get from point A to B.

2. Delivery System – includes the tubing length and size. The number of fittings like elbows, tees, and valves. The inputs would be length, height, inside diameter, sometimes material type. We can determine the pump needed or losses due to the delivery system. The flow rate plays a vital role in this.

3. Charging System – includes the pressure pump and the pressure tank.
Flow range of pump flow rate (GPM), power usage in watts (current or amps), the discharge pressure of the pump. Running duty cycle continuous or periodic run time. Pump demands are depended on the Misting and Delivery Systems.

The new Aeroponics Calculator will make you a professional designer helping you choose the number of nozzles, the tubing size, and length, the right pump, provide the power usage, backup power requirements for each duration, runtime or duty cycle configurations.


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  1. I was thinking that I was a bit of a mad scientist until I came across your videos I want to thank you for this information 😊. You have learned why my DIY project. I wish I had the formulas for the way I can get my system can be setup for the amount of nozzles to tube to the purge of the water in cycle and I would be interested to buy the first one.

  2. Hi i am thinking of setting up aeroponics commercial system. let say i wanted to grow 1000 lettuce can i grow these as one unit of 1000 or is better to split this up? what is practical or not is this idea?
    also what about the pressure pump one big pump or smaller pumps. how can i work out what size pressure pumps i will need for different sizes systems where can i find this info.

  3. Hi Lee, I am a novice and am starting a HPS. I have searched the web for electronic schema's to help with wiring the components. Could you please post or send a basic schema for this basic soul. Thankyou. Brad

  4. This is incredibly informative, thank you! Looking forward to the next videos and to start building my own systems. Where does the line start to become a mentee? ☺️


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