AEROPONICS Calculator Free Online Tool Reveal

AEROPONICS Calculator Free Online Tool Reveal

Aeroponics Online Calculator Reveal

Are you ready to take your aeroponics system design into the future? Well, I have the tool for you.

There are various high-pressure aeroponics designs. You can use HPA in a vertical stack system. Or you can retrofit a tower garden for HPA. How about a high-pressure wall garden. For larger plants, you’ll need an HPA bucket system. Maybe your fancy is microgreens or cloning.

These systems are all great for HPA. However, each and everyone requires a different design and setup. You can go about the design by trial and error, trying out things until it works. Or you can do it the smarter way with formulas and calculations. Before now that’s what I did. That method is now obsolete

You can now use the Online Aeroponics Calculator to design any HPA system you need. This will save you days and months and loss of crops. You will know before assembling your system if it will work or not.



Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:

More Videos to watch:

Let’s review the systems used in high-pressure aeroponics.
1. Misting System – includes the nozzles/flow-rate, and misting interval.
Learn flow-rates: Accumulative Flow-rates. Hour and Day. to determine nutrient usage, tube sizing, nutrient residence time – how long to get from point A to B.

2. Delivery System – includes the tubing length and size. The number of fittings like elbows, tees, and valves. The inputs would be length, height, inside diameter, sometimes material type. We can determine the pump needed or losses due to the delivery system. The flow rate plays a vital role in this.

3. Charging System – includes the pressure pump and the pressure tank.
Flow range of pump flow rate (GPM), power usage in watts (current or amps), the discharge pressure of the pump. Running duty cycle continuous or periodic run time. Pump demands are dependent on the Misting and Delivery Systems.


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  1. Sir
    I am from India Mumbai. I like to study and learn full course of aeroponics . Please guide for the same which is the best place for that which course etc details. How can I contact you

  2. Hello! U always post great videos on ur channel, helped me a lot for my project! Can i ask how can we properly germinate using areoponic method? I tried to germinate from paper towel and transfer them to netpot after a week, but some of them wilt after i transferred…thank you!

  3. All of your video's have been presented in a logical, knowledgeable, evidence based format. This will be of great value to anyone researching this subject, please keep sharing your thoughts on this. This will inspire everyone interested to use your ideas and maybe it will inspire their own. THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE MAN!!

  4. Thank you for putting in the work and effort into creating this tool. When I was first researching designing my own system I was intimidated. I am so excited to use this tool and inspired by your videos! Greatly appreciated, sir!

  5. Do you have any parts numbers to help acquiring the tee misters that will be 1/4 inch tubing and 1/8 inch mister. I am having the darndest time finding. I had to run 3-8 tubing since I could only find 3/8 mister tee. Thanks for any help with this, still trying to learn and enjoying your videos. Look forward to learning more. I am jumping in and if I could only get the parts I need

  6. Been following you work, it's very in-depth. I appreciate your work, it's still going too take me a while to work this pump and noozle set up

  7. Thank you very much for your calculator! Genius! One thing I have question on is you stated how the length of all the plumbing matters in aeroponics and also each valve,each fitting,each connection etc, makes a variable in our formulas. My question: What about the length of the distances the spray nozzles are from the root structures/and also what about the placement of the high pressure spray nozzles? Which of course root structures are continually changing. That is, if your plants are growing. Which of course is what we want. HIGH pressure/*Even LOW pressure nozzle placement, and how many nozzles per plant site, and at what height etc? One last question: Is it ok to have levels of "standing"nutrient/water the main mass of root structure and/or the branching off of root structure(s)are standing in between sprays(5sec 5min for example)? If so, is there a certain max limit we should have of nutrient solution the roots are "standing in"? If nutrient solution is too deep, it would just be called:Deep Water Culture/High Pressure Aeroponic. So the depth of nutrient solution the root mass is soaking in has to matter, correct? It has to matter I'm assuming?(Such as when growing 3"net pots in 5"vinyl fence posts with Aeroponic spray nozzles and root masses are laying inside the bottom of vinyl fence posts and the drain hole on the downhill end of the fence post could have a drain such as a flood and drain setup is…leaving almost zero-multiple inches of nutrient solution the root structure is "standing in")..Hope that makes sense. Thank you very much! Your videos rock, and I have not watched further yet, and I hope these subjects are explained in future episodes…

  8. Hi there, my name is a David Eppinger and I am a fan and subscriber as I love your aeroponics videos. Thank you for doing all this great research and making it all freely available for everyone. I recently moved to Northern California and see that you are near Sacramento! I am currently building a 2000 plant site vertical aeroponics garden in my backyard that I’d love your input on in addition to some other bold ideas that I’d like to share with you that you may be interested in collaborating on. What’s the best way to get ahold of you?

  9. Very very nice. Thanks so much for taking the time to develop something so useful… I have a suggestion for the calculator.. for the light grey boxes near the value boxes. Would it be possible to make it so that you could change the misting value from gpm to gph

  10. So I've watched this whole play list (well done by the way) and I think I'm going to start building my system. High pressure aeroponics would be a good fit for me because I live in Canada and many things do not grow in my climate. I do have a few questions though. For example, I want to grow hot peppers and I have no idea of the amounts and types of nutrients to use. I dont know the proper spray times. I dont know the proper temperatures or humidities. I dont know the proper light cycles and spectrum type….basically, thanks to you I know how to build the system which is great but i dont know what settings to use.

    I work in automation and so i can definitely run a complex system but if you could tell me where to start looking for my setpoints then I would be eternally grateful.

    Edit: also, ph? Conductivity? Basically what are all the possible metrics to sample and control.

  11. You are the man who I am looking for,
    You enrich us by your knowledge ,
    Thanks for all the effort you put.
    Sir u hav my love and respect.
    Thank you sir…keep enlightening us….❤️

  12. Hi Thanks for all of your video's they are really helpful, I cannot access the calculator, when i click on REGISTER here to use the Aeroponics Calculator it takes me to other screen but it does not allow me to enter my email

  13. I have a question about the root depth from 12" to 18". If i use vertical tube. Shall i worry about that because root will fall down base on gravity. I am thinking about the vertical and horizontal layout now.


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