Aeroponic Spray Nozzles to Use/Buy – Part 2

Aeroponic Spray Nozzles to Use/Buy -  Part 2

You ask, which high-pressure aeroponics nozzle should I buy? Well, I’m going to tell you now. GO HERE AND I’ll EMAIL IT TO YOU IMMEDIATELY:

Before now I couldn’t recommend a good misting nozzle to purchase because:
– First, I purchased nozzles through a wholesaler. They won’t sell to you.
– Second, I want you to get a good deal. Many of the certified nozzles were just too expensive.
– And thirdly, I didn’t know how to verify/test nozzles for 50-micron water droplet production.

Using some ingenuity, science, and photography, I’ll tell in the video how I plan to test and validate misting spray nozzles for our high-pressure aeroponics system.

This video is Aeroponics System Nozzle Test Part 2. (Final)

Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:


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What do you think?


  1. I despise those types of suppliers that only do B2B sales. What in the hell is wrong with them? Are they just thinking that C2B is not worth their time at all? I am not sure I can wrap my head around that. At least not for this particular product.

  2. I like your logical based approach, which you back up with the evidence to support your hypothesizes. By presenting the influences of the factors involved in the complete system, you increase the efficiency, while lowering the maintenance involved in keeping a system running. Keep the videos coming! Live long and prosper.

  3. If you decide to do another test, allow me to suggest an alternative methodology. Buy a piece of 270 mesh, which is a 53 Micron opening. Fire a 1 second blast at the mesh and have a Target behind it so that you will be able to see how much goes through not only in the Target but you can also time a camera shot correspond to the first drops that make it through the mesh. Obviously the much would have to be blown off and be completely cleared of water between tests because the water will quickly clog the mesh. Coloring the water would also help.

  4. Thank you so much Lee, for all the hard work you're putting into this series. I'm hooked. And I am interested in your Calculator, when it is completed. Have almost all of the equipment I will need to build my garden and I look forward to using the knowledge compiled by you and placed at our disposal.

  5. Hi Lee! First of all thank you so much for your research and information. Congratulations for your channel. I hope all the best to you in the future.
    I got one question.
    So this nozzle performance is only when one nozzle is used. How about when I used more than one nozzle? Will it have the same performance (microns and psi)? This is assuming for larger scale aeroponics system,

  6. Interesting work. Have you tried any of the models that have a built-in filter on the nozzle itself? Also, I looked at the Tefen website, and I see no info about whether that nozzle is FDA approved or if it is food safe. Did you find any info on that?

  7. Nice tests. Just a suggestion, you could spray the mist over a plate glass and see the droplets in a microscope in higher resolution and measurement accuracy. Using this you could also optimize the spray time, as longer spray the droplets tend to joint and become bigger.

  8. I watched your videos,  really very informative. You are  doing a great work. 

    I also interesting in HPA.  Could you please tell me,  which pump i have to buy,  to use it with nozzles you suggested. Could you please tell me what pump you use. 

    Thank you very much for your great job

  9. Flat out great effort to express the facts before well earned money is burned on the wrong purchase and well received, thx so much for your guideance and shared knowledge and taking my grow system to a greater level.

  10. I would like to thank you, your videos are helping me a lot to understand how this high pressure system works. Thanks.

  11. Hello, thanks for all the information you provide.

    I have some doubts that I can't find answers.

    How many microns must the filters have?

    I understand that if they are few microns they can retain the nutrient solution.

    I have seen many systems in which the roots soon reach the soil of the container. Can nebulizers be placed on top of the growth chamber?

    I've been looking for pressurized tanks like yours, but all the ones I find support only 50-60 psi. I have seen that they are tanks for reverse osmosis and do not reach high pressures. I need a 130-160 psi pressurized tank for it to work comfortably, correct?

  12. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and I'm looking to DIY a high pressure aeropontic 5 gallon system for various types of growing. Spinach, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, etc. so I'd like to get a listing of what exactly I'll need and what is the best so not to make any mistakes and lose hard earned money. I watched the video, but I didn't hear the name or model of the nozzle you thought was best. Could you please provide the name and model. Also, what do you think is the best pre-filtered pump?


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