Aeroponic Spray Nozzles to Use/Buy – Part 1

Aeroponic Spray Nozzles to Use/Buy -  Part 1

You ask, which high-pressure aeroponics nozzle should I buy?
Well, I’m going to tell you after this 2 part series.

Before now I couldn’t recommend a good misting nozzle to purchase because:
– First, I purchased nozzles through a wholesaler. They won’t sell to you.
– Second, I want you to get a good deal. Many of the certified nozzles were just too expensive.
– And thirdly, I didn’t know how to verify/test nozzles for 50-micron water droplet production.

Using some ingenuity, science, and photography, I’ll tell in the video how I plan to test and validate misting spray nozzles for our high-pressure aeroponics system.

This video is Aeroponics System Nozzle Test Part 1.

Free Video Course – How to choose the pump for a high-pressure aeroponics system:


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  1. Another well researched and thought out video that is on the subject of the use of high pressure areoponics, to attain the most efficient plant growth. Your videos present information in an evidenced based approach to help other growers to develop the most efficient system possible. Help us to take plant life were its never gone before! Great videos!

  2. I love of the wolrd of the plants, but the information over aeroponia tecnic is enought, please, let’s public share our knowledge of self-taught aeroponia art. To a best Wolrd, water, energy, perfection with Tecno aeroponic. Thanks


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